Make the world a better place with a commitment of a few hours a month.

Part-time faculty opportunities

Join Silicon Villas' team of instructors and mentors who teach the small-group remote seminars and coach the developers in the our programs. Bring your wealth of experience to the next generation of Italian developers who are smart and eager to learn.

This is a very part-time role, meant to be in addition to your day job.

It's important that our faculty stay connected to the ever-changing landscape within the tech industry, so instructors in software engineering and project management are expected to be working professionals. The teaching and coaching only add a few additional hours each month.

We are always interested in seeing resumes, even if we have no open positions right now.

Instructor Prerequisites

Instructors should have 10+ years professional experience working in one or more of these fields:

  • Web and/or mobile software development (see list below for specific technologies)
  • Agile Scrum and Kanban project management
  • Client management (particularly with remote teams)
  • UX Design including user testing
  • Management of distributed engineering teams

Instructors should be based in the San Francisco Bay Area and/or have had experience working in Silicon Valley.

Time commitment

Instructors are expected to put in 2 – 6 hours a month which includes in-session teaching, time to prepare the courses and mentoring. The exact hours are determined by your availability. We can start small to fit your schedule and interest level.

Due to the nine-hour time difference between Italy and California, classes and mentor sessions are held early in the morning (before 9am Pacific time) or very late at night (past midnight) if you're a night owl.

Nearly all of our instructors choose to schedule their seminars before they head to work in the morning.

Payment, language and more

Silicon Villas instructors are hourly paid contractors with paid curriculum development time. Mentor sessions are paid hourly at the same rate as instruction. We try to ensure our rates are competitive, but keep in mind we're a nonprofit.

All classes and coaching sessions are in English, to further help our developers with their conversational and technical English language skills. Courses are recorded for later review by the students and for the English language faculty to assess student language progress and to bring in topics to the language seminars.

No instructional experience necessary, but senior experience working in your field is required.

If you're interested, please get in touch.

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Software technologies

Software development instructors should have expert, senior-level project experience in one or more of the following platforms.

  • Full-stack: JavaScript
  • Back-end: Node.js, Go, Java, PHP, .NET
  • Front-end: Angular 1 and 2, React, Ember.js
  • Mobile: iOS Swift, Android, React Native, PhoneGap
  • SQL: MariaDB, Postgres, MSSQL, Oracle, etc.
  • NOSQL: MongoDB, CouchDB, ElasticSearch, etc.
  • Security: Encryption technology and architecture
  • Deployment: Continuous Integration
  • Container Technologies: Docker, Kubernetes, Mesos, CoreOs
  • Cloud Platforms: Amazon AWS, Azure, Google Cloud

The other instructor roles (project management, client management, UX design, English language, etc.) do not require that you have experience with these technologies, but it's extremely helpful if you have been exposed to them.