Are you an Italian developer? Work remotely from southern Italy on US-based projects.

Developers in Italy: ciao a tutti!

We accept individuals as well as established Italy-based software development agencies with offices in in southern Italy.

Silicon Villas has programs for both experienced senior developers as well as recent graduates. Development is focused on modern web and mobile applications. Silicon Villas costs are paid by you, the developer, but only based on active client work. If we cannot connect you with paid client work, you pay nothing. That's part of our mission.

There's no catch, except developers must stay in Italy -- this is not a program to assist emigration. Our goal is to keep Italian communities and families together.

Independent developers are paired with Italy-based development agencies who hire and manage all Italy-based staff.

Developer prerequisites

  • Minimum education: masters degree in computer science, software engineering and telecommunications or equivilent professional experience.
  • Intermediate English competency.
  • Based in Italy preferably in the south (our goal is to help the most economically-distressed regions of Italy).
  • Experience or education in software fundementals, mobile computing and database design.
  • Some Experience in Web and Mobile development is a big plus.

Interested individual developers and Italy-based development agencies should get in touch with us.

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